Wild n' Wooly


In a coffeehouse somewhere in Terrace, BC - a knit community was born!

A few knitters started to gather in the winter of 2004 to bring the art and craft of knitting (and crochet) out of the closet and in to the public!

Too many knitters kept their hobby a secret and would only knit in the privacy of their own homes.  Once a few of us started creating our wares in the open, more followed, and others were curious...  What is this thing called knitting?  And how can I learn to knit too?

That was several years ago.  We now have a committed group of knitters that meets once a week to stitch and "bitch".  Together we help each other through yarn disasters, patterns gone wrong, and dropped stitches.  We also encourage one another to take the next step on to bigger, more challenging projects.

New knitters (men and women, young and "mature") are always welcome, and we're happy to take the time and show you the basics to get you started on knitting the project of your dreams (it's ok for dreams to start out small... in fact, it usually works out better this way!).

Happy knitting!